The Francophone History of Calgary

In Calgary, the first permanent french mission settled in 1872. The village of Rouleauville was born, and in 1907 it was annexed to the City of Calgary and renamed the district of Mission. Rouleauville is the heart of the city’s Francophone history, and since 1995 several projects have been implemented to highlight this history, including:

The Francophone Origins of Calgary


  • 1872

    The first mission

    The first permanant francophone missionaries break ground in the area.
  • 1875

    Fort Brisebois

    Fort Brisebois is built by the North West Mounted Police. It is renamed to its current title, Fort Calgary, in 1876.
  • 1880

    The First Parish

    The first parish to be established in the area, Notre-Dame-de-la-Paix, is composed mainly of French-speaking Métis and French-Canadians, including the Rouleau brothers who play a leading role in defending Francophone interests.
  • 1899


    The francophone village is officially named Rouleauville, with a population of 500. At the same time, the city of Calgary has a population of 4,000 .
  • 1907


    Rouleaville is incorporated into Calgary under the name of "The Mission Quarter", slowly losing more and more of its francophone roots.
  • 1920

    Founding of the French Canadian Association of Alberta

    Starting in the 1920s (with the founding of the French Canadian Association of Alberta in 1926), the French Canadians of the province came together in order to maintain their language and culture.

History of the Franco-Albertans:

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The History of Rouleauville:

The ongoing development of the heart of Calgary's French origins.

Several programs and initiatives have been put in place to enhance Calgary's Francophone heritage in the Mission district, formerly Rouleauville.